Why do Business Coaches need Personal Brand Photography?

Apr 20, 2020 | PERSONAL BRAND

Business Coaches need Personal Brand Photography because their clients want to feel a connection.

Business coaches need personal brand photography because their clients want to know all about them. It’s all about trust. Not only do your clients want to know all about you but they want to be able to connect with you. You know what its like, you’re scrolling through Instagram and something catches your eye. The reason it catches your eye is usually that you see a connection with that person. The more connections we have with people, the more we get to know, like and trust them. Therefore it makes perfect sense that we need to show them more about ourselves so that we can connect with our clients. Business coaches need personal brand photography to show your clients who we are and therefore build more connections.

woman in orange top waving from behind a tree

Judith Rayner – Walk and Talk 4 Success

I met Judith Rayner at one of her, Walk and Talk 4 Success, mastermind sessions. It was so refreshing to be out in the countryside rather than inside in a more traditional networking event. In small groups, we walked around Wakehurst Place, helping each other with the issues we all face as female business owners.

Judith is a business coach. She qualified and started coaching over 15 years ago. Judith has now had her coaching practice, working with female business owners for the last 10 years. Her business is called Walk and Talk 4 Success. Judith wants every aspiring businesswoman to have a choice, be empowered and most importantly, to be fully supported in their journey to success. As well as her walk and talk groups, she also helps women on a one to one basis. The Walk and Talk VIP day is all about stepping out of your familiar routine and allowing yourself the freedom and creativity to explore your business from a different perspective.

woman with orange top walking and smiling in the gardens of alexander hotel and utopia spaa

Judith’s passion for coaching female entrepreneurs

Talking to Judith, I asked her to tell me about her passion for coaching.

I discovered coaching while I was working full time as a manager/trainer and just loved the power of it. Whilst training as a counsellor, I found coaching to be more empowering. I help people see their strengths, change limiting beliefs and help them to identify and take action to improve things. I coached for many years alongside my job and after taking redundancy decided now was the time to add to my skills with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and start my coaching business. At my first ever networking event I found a whole new world, full of women doing amazing things in business and I decided there and then, these were people I want to work with – female entrepreneurs! I help them with clarity, confidence, focus and finding the magic that makes the difference in their business – I work on everything from mindset to practical planning and action!

woman in orange top sitting by a big fireplace at alexander house hotel and spa

Alexander Hotel and Spa – The Perfect Location for a Relaxed Photshoot

Alexander House Hotel and Spa is the perfect location for a relaxed photoshoot. Set in 120 acres of beautiful gardens, Alexander House is tranquil and relaxing. The hotel itself is a Jacobean manor which provides the perfect backdrop for indoor photography. The reason that we chose this location is that Judith often uses it for working with her clients because it has a calm, “get away from it all” feeling. After coffee and photography inside we ventured into the gardens. Luckily for us, the sun was shining and the sky was all blue. We had fun outside and I photographed Judith in a variety of locations including some tree-hugging. Judith feels alive when she’s outside. That’s the reason that she started her Walk and Talk 4 Success.

woman in orange top and scarf with alexander house hotel and spa behind her

Why Judith, as a business coach, needs personal brand images

Judith told me how she felt about the photoshoot. I wanted to find out more about why business coaches need personal brand photography.

I only have a couple of professional headshots which were taken a few years old. My photos need updating to use on social media and my website. I want to grow my online presence. I was quite nervous about having the shoot as I don’t like my photo being taken! Thankfully you helped me to relax and make the session fun too – I quite enjoyed it in the end! I felt really good after the shoot – like I’d done something for me! I loved the images and found it hard to choose a selection – having the black and white options too were great and I’ve had a lot of comments on those. Having professional and varied images helps me to promote myself more – to have more consistency in my branding and helps me raise my game. Thank you and would love to do it again sometime!

woman standing next to pilar at entrance to alexander house hotel and spa in black and white

You can find out more about personal brand photography here. If you would like to talk to me about how a personal brand photography shoot could help you, please contact me at louise@bemephotography.co.uk. If you fancy a chat please call me on 07811 430566. To see more examples of personal brand photography why not take a look at my portfolio. Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa is located at Turners Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH10 4QD


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