by | 19th April 2019

When someone asks me what the difference is between personal branding photography and headshots, this is what I say. A headshot is an essential starting point for most business people. A headshot is needed for LinkedIn and possibly your website.

A professional headshot

Many people now use their headshot in their email signature. I think it’s a nice personal touch to get an email and see the person who has sent it. There are always occasions where a good quality professional headshot image is needed. You might be asked to provide a headshot image for all sorts of reasons. A headshots shoot will provide you with one key digital image (I actually give you three) and it’s quite a quick time-saving experience. Headshots are usually done either in my studio or at a client’s location using studio lights.

headshot, studio
headshot, studio

A bank of bespoke brand images

The purpose of a personal brand shoot is to provide a bank of images which can be used for a range of purposes. Most people use these images for their regular posting on social media to promote themselves as a real person. They use them to connect with their audience, build trust and ultimately grow their business. A personal brand shoot is a combination of lifestyle and business photography. There is almost no limit to the subject of the images which can be produced from a personal brand photography shoot and this is why it is such a bespoke service.

cocktail, brighton, grand_hotel, personal_brand
personal_brand, brighton, grand_hotel
brighton, personal_brand, grand_hotel
brighton, grand_hotel, personal_brand

An in-depth personal brand discovery

A personal brand shoot requires a much more in-depth discovery into who you are and what your personal brand stands for. Many people start from a position of not really knowing and this is where I really help. We will have a discovery conversation and I will work through all aspects of your personal brand. From here, we plan the shoot, choose locations and consider what to wear. The shoot is based around telling your stories in pictures. A personal brand shoot will provide you with a bank of images and up to 3 months’ worth of social media content. The really great thing about these images is that they have a full commercial license. This means that you can edit, add filters, add words, use them to advertise your business or even print them on a massive banner.

personal_brand, brighton, beach, entrepreneur

In conclusion, two very different services but both catering for the needs of the modern business person. If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please get in touch.           


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