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Personal branding photography is all about getting you noticed and connecting with your tribe, your ideal client. People want to see the real you behind the business name and you have a story to tell. Now more than ever people want to feel a connection with the people they do business with. The more shared experiences, beliefs and passions that you share, the stronger the connection. We all like to connect with the people we do business with.


what’s your next


  • personal branding consultation
  • bespoke planned shoot
  • Relaxed and fun experience
  • Professional high-quality custom images
  • Commercially licensed images

Personal brand photography for social media

Nearly everyone has a need to use social media. In fact, most business people now see social media as an essential part of their marketing. Not only is it important to use social media as a marketing channel but having a strategy for regular posting is essential too. Of course the more you use social media, the more content you need in order to attract followers and convert them to clients. There are many ways to manage your social media channels. Whichever method you use, you will need content. When I ask people, what stops them posting regularly, these are some of the most common things they tell me:

  • “I never know what to post”
  • “I don’t have the right photos”
  • “I don’t have the time”

When you book a personal brand photo-shoot with me, you get an in-depth consultation. The consultation covers not only your personal brand discovery but also covers other aspects of your social media strategy. I will give you advice and tips for streamlining your social media. I help you to make posting on social media easier and more manageable. You will get advice on what to post. You will be able to plan ahead to make time management easier. Lastly, you will receive a bank of high-quality personal brand images, optimised for social media.

brand me 


  • 4 x 8 hour shoots a year
  • 90 images from each shoot
  • Unlimited stories
  • 12 months + social media visual content
  • Full commercial licence


  • Up to 8 hours shoot
  • Unlimited images from the shoot
  • Unlimited stories
  • 3 months + social media visual content
  • Full commercial licence


  • Up to 6 hours shoot
  • 90 images from the shoot
  • up to 3 photo stories
  • 3 months social media visual content
  • Full commercial licence


  • Up to 4 hours shoot
  • 60 custom images from the shoot
  • up to 2 photo stories
  • 2 months social media visual content
  • Full commercial licence

View more images in the commercial branding portfolio here

Personal brand photo-shoots

All my personal brand photography shoots work on the principle that you will need one image a day for social media. Of course, social media is not the only channel to use your images. Commercially licensed images are flexible to use almost as you wish. You can use them online or in print. You can also edit them using filters, crop and add text. The need for content on social media, personal brand images are a great way to connect with your tribe, establish and develop your online presence and grow your business.

Brand Me – The Works is one of my core services. It provides you with 3 months worth of social media visual content. After booking, you will have an in-depth discovery consultation. We will talk about you, your business and your aims with social media. I will design the shoot around you. The shoot will be up to 6 hours and will involve a mixture of locations.

Brand Me – Annual is another one of my core services. In fact, it gives you the same as above but includes 4 photo shoots a year, one each quarter. It provides you with enough social media visual content for a whole year. By booking an annual subscription you also benefit from additional hours for each personal brand shoot. There is no limit to the number of locations we shoot at. You benefit by saving £100 per shoot based on the Brand Me – The Works package. You also have the option to pay monthly.

Personal Brand Photography FAQ’s


Personal branding photography is all about telling your unique “stories” with images. It’s much more than just a headshot and it’s better than a selfie. If you want to promote yourself and your business online, then professional personal brand photography makes all the difference.    


Every shoot is designed around you. This means that together we decide on the ideal locations to tell your  “stories”. If you want to shoot up a mountain or on a sailing boat that’s epic. If you want your shoot in your office, at a cafe or in a park, that’s fine too. Your imagination and my experience will determine where the best locations will be.


Most photographers do not give you a commercial license for your images. The images I provide all have a commercial license. This means that you do not have to credit me when you use an image. It means that you can use the images, almost, how you wish. You can also add words, filters and edit the images to suit your needs. This is ideal for use on social media as well as your website.


You will have a private online gallery where you will be able to view, choose and download your digital images. Images will be sized to your requirements. So if you want images for Instagram, Facebook and also suitable for printing 6 ft tall, that’s no problem.


The annual subscription gives you 4 sessions a year. Each session is 8 hours and gives you unlimited stories. The annual subscription saves you £100 per session compared to the BRAND ME – THE WORKS package.  There is an option to pay in full or spread the cost and pay monthly. 

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