The Importance of Personal Brand Portraits for a Kinesiologist

Jun 24, 2020 | PERSONAL BRAND

Why personal brand portraits for a Kinesiologist are important

Personal brand photography for a Kinesiologist is important. Deborah had a need to show her clients who they would be meeting when they book an appointment. When clients can see the person behind the business, they can start to build trust. Trust is so important because it’s what makes the difference between people using your services or not.

deborah herbert allergy testing clinic

Allergy testing expert

Deborah’s business is Deborah specialises in allergy testing. She uses Kinesiology and muscle testing to determine your allergies and intolerances. She tests for different foods and other things, for example, cats or horses. 

Deborah booked my, Brand Me – Website package. It’s my introductory personal brand photography package. She needed a few new personal brand portraits to update her website.

Guidance during the personal brand shoot

Before the shoot, Deborah was a little apprehensive but was looking forward to it. However, I did my best to reassure her and she said the experience was good fun.  The shoot took place inside her consulting room as she wanted to show herself in her working environment. During the shoot, I was able to guide her with the best angles and poses to make the shots look as natural as possible.

deborah herbert the allergy testing clinic

A professional image for a Kinesiologist gives marketing confidence

After the shoot, Deborah said she was sure that she made the right decision to book a portrait shoot. The photoshoot has given Deborah more confidence in her marketing and advertising, knowing that she has good quality images. She said the quality of her images is now so much better. Her client’s now have more confidence to book, now they can see her. They can also see the room they will be meeting her in too. Providing personal brand photography for a kinesiologist has been a great learning experience for me. I now understand a lot more about food allergies and how you can test and treat them.

If you’re a therapist and want to find out more about how personal brand photography can help your business, please get in touch.


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