How to Reach new Clients With Your Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

Feb 25, 2020 | PERSONAL BRAND

The massage therapy space

I met Anita at her Ayurvedic massage therapy room at the Koorana Centre in Ardingly, West Sussex. The room was warm with gentle lights and relaxing music. The smell of delicate incense created a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. My job was to capture this atmosphere in Anita’s personal brand photography shoot. Within seconds I knew why she was a massage therapist. Anita has a calmness to her which just relaxes you immediately, as a result, her therapies get to work the moment you enter the room

massage therapy

Ayurvedic Massage

Anita qualified in Ayurvedic massage therapy on Valentine’s day in 2016. It was very apt seeing as the old Indian word for Oil, means love. You can tell that Anita puts all her love and energy into what she does, therefore I asked her what drives her to do massage.  “I am deeply passionate about helping my clients achieve their optimum sense of wellbeing and relaxation. I first heard about Ayurveda massage therapy 10 years ago and I love the concept of Ayurveda, that nature is our greatest healer. In other words, if we follow nature`s cycles we can live a more healthy and balanced life”.  

massage therapy pouring oil

In Ayurvedic massage therapy, each treatment is very personal and tailored according to the body constitution or dosha’s, using warm nourishing herbal oils. The style and flow of the massage is determined by who you are and what your body needs for balance and wellbeing at the time.

massage therapy sound therapy

Ayurvedic massage therapy focuses on relaxation, stress relief and releasing emotional blockages. The massage heals the body and creates a balance between mind, body and spirit. Anita told me that when she asks her clients how they feel after the treatment, the first words they say are “Amazing! I feel so relaxed! “.

Personal Brand Photography in a Small Space

I’ve probably never felt so relaxed doing a photography shoot, however, I had a job to do. Working in a small space always brings its own challenges but I believe I have captured the essence of what Anita does with her massage therapy.

massage therapy feet sound therapy

Anita booked a personal brand photography session because she needed images which she could use on her Facebook massage therapy page and in addition her website.

In Anita’s words

After handing over the images, I asked Anita how she had felt about having a personal brand photography session. She said “Before the photo shoot I felt very excited. I was planning how to set up the room, what to wear, how to do the massage table, and I arranged for Gabrielle to be the model. I loved the whole process. It made me feel very relaxed and creative. The final images are just perfect. I have received so many compliments. They say a strong image can speak a thousand words. My images are colourful and very professional, as a result when people see them, they will remember me”.

massage therapy

Further information about Ayurvedic massage therapy and personal brand photography

You can find out more about Anita Sebre-Ward Therapies by visiting her Facebook page and her website You can find more information about personal brand photography here.


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