by | 15th April 2019

I hadn’t even realised that my cocktail love and my personal brand were intertwined. For years, my husband Richard and I have always enjoyed a good Friday night in. We both love playing board games, eating good food and sipping a cocktail. Creating cocktails has always been a love of mine. I can remember back to the first time I made a cocktail. It was in the late 80’s and it was a Pina Colada. Such an iconic 80’s drink but one which I still love. Pina Colada reminds be of holidays in Greece and evenings in the sun listening to the Madonna song “La Isla Bonita”!  

My cocktail love is a Dry Martini

Fast forward a few years and my real cocktail love is a Dry Martini. When I first tried to make a Dry Martini, it always tasted too strong and not very smooth. What I realised over time was that it was all down to the amount of stirring. Not shaken like James Bond likes because that would make it cloudy. In order to make a Dry Martini taste perfect, you have to stir it enough for the right amount of ice to melt and dilute the gin.

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That “light bulb” moment

I feel like I’ve gone off at a bit of a tangent. When I say that I hadn’t realised that cocktails played such a big part in my personal brand I mean this. Your personal brand means what people remember about you or think about you when you are not there. When I see friends that I haven’t seen for a while or even ones who I see every few months, I frequently get similar comments. “I love seeing what you’re doing on a Friday night”. Or, “I love seeing the cocktails you’re making”. Some people have told me that they “tune in” on a Friday night just to see what cocktail I have made and what board game we are playing. Most people say they really like what I post about our Friday night cocktails. It was after a few of these conversations that I had that “light bulb” moment. I realised that cocktails were part of my personal brand.  What people remember about me or think about me when I’m not there is cocktails. My personal brand is very much about my love of cocktails. So I decided to embrace it. It wasn’t that I went out to create a personal brand or anything fake like that. It was just me, doing what I do but talking about it on social media. No doubt, I will repel anyone who doesn’t like what I’m doing but actually, that’s ok. I’m not trying to please people or say what I think others want to hear. I’m just doing what I enjoy and sharing it.

Your personal brand is who you are

Your personal brand is who you are. It’s not who you want to be or who you think you should be or even what you think other people think you should be. It’s just you. So love it and show the world who you really are.


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